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This Too Will Pass - text


You signed the papers
Now you’re a free man
You’d give yourself a party
If you gave a damn
You stood your ground on shifting sand
And it all adds up to what
Well life goes on brother
Like it or not
And it hurts like hell
When the pain won’t stop
This too shall pass

You got a ton of advice
You can take it or leave it
You say you’re getting’ better
But you don’t believe it
You spend your days
Just prayin’ and breathin’
But night’s another thing
Youre standi’ on the corner
Watchin’ street lights change
You wish to God you could do the same
This too shall pass

You tell yourself
This can’t be real
Be strong, be tough
And you won’t feel it
Tell your story
Till you can’t tell it no more

You haven’t a clue
Which way you’re gonna land
But the good news is

It’s outta your hands
‘N pretty soon now
You’re gonna understand
Cause love just kicked your ass
This too shall pass

Got your worries and your fears
And the rain come a pourin’
Troubles got you down
On your knees at last

Don’t you worry ‘bout the tears
They’ll be gone by the morning
Everything will eventually pass

Oh I believe you’ll find
Like everything in time
This too shall pass

It’s the dark of the night
It’s the birth of the king
It’s the end of an era
The dawn of a dream

Rivers don’t run
Without any rain
Babies ain’t born without no pain
There ain’t no loss
Without some gain
This too shall pass

Text přidala Ketyss

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