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The Undeniable Groove - text


Have you ever wondered how you chose
The life that you have led?
How a million rivers run between the heart and the head
It ain’t easy, though
You need to know
The line between right and wrong
You’re stuck in the middle
But when you’re in it
Some things are undeniable

Full throttle on a Saturday night
Let’s celebrate it
Truth is I only came
To see ya raise ‘em up tonight
So glad you made it
When it’s so right
It’s so real
If you ever wonder
What you really feel
No need to doubt it

It’s an undeniable groove
It’s the only viable truth
When it’s real love
There’s no way you can lose
It’s an undeniable
Totally reliable
Undeniable groove

You’re the harvest of
A million years of evolution
Let’s celebrate it
Every time ya try to make it, baby
Ya start a revolution
So glad ya made it

When it’s so real
It’s so deep
Truth is you could’ve done it in your sleep
No doubt about it

[Repeat Chorus]

But it’s easy to freak when you see that your heart’s
Sittin’ in the palm of your hand
You’re bound to doubt if you’re where you belong
But don’t lose your head
Because your heart knows where you stand

It’s the better known trick
Of biology – of magic ‘n theology

[Repeat Chorus]

Text přidala Ketyss

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