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One Last Goodbye Song - text


Let it go
Just move on
Words of wisdom
Easier said than done
You were the inspiration
For the biggest dreams I had
Now they tell me to get over it
Hell, I hadn't thought of that
But here I am
About to do
Another song I wrote for you
It's pretty clear I've lingered here too long
But I guess I got the time
Or one last goodbye song
Gotta lighten up
I agree
For that to happen
This is where I gotta be
They really should know better
Than to leave me here alone
When I'm near a microphone
Pardon me
When I sing
About the haunting memories
For just a moment all the hurt is gone
So does anybody mind
One last goodbye song
Please forgive my tendency to wanna strip it to the bone
The trouble is my stubborn heart
Has got a mind all of it's own
Here I am
About to start
Another song about my broken heart
Forgive me if you've heard it all before
Here I go again
But this is where the story ends
Would you deny a friend
One last goodbye song

Text přidala Ketyss

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