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I'm a Free Man Now - text


Im the one who flew
Youre the one who fell
When you let me go
Well didnt that work out well
You said you wanted your freedom
But Im the one with nothin to lose
Well, it got cold when the sun went down
But baby, bring on the night
Cause startin right now
Deal em down and dirty
Feelin alright
Line em up
Daddys getting numb tonight
Gonna act like a fool
Who cant say no to nothin
So what if she dont want me back
Tonight Im getting lucky like a one-eyed Jack
And its a perfect night for shoutin out loud
Im a free man now
Youre the one who said
Thisll work out fine
You got what you wanted
Now Ill get mine
And it serves you right
If my heart works better than ever
If this is the dark before the dawn
Then baby bring on the night
Cause life goes on
I bet you didnt think Id survive
I may be broken
But Im still alive
When this cryin is over
Ill be laughin out loud
Cause Im a free man now

Text přidala Ketyss

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