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I Don't Want To Hate You Anymore - text


I go to bed by midnight
I wake up again at 4:00
I read a while
Then try to sleep some more
But by 6:00 AM I'm gone again
Lost in the logic of despair
Cause you just can't reason with someone
Who ain't even there
I been right about the reasons
This bein' right is getting nowhere
And it's time for movin' on

I'm letting go of the anger
I been holding in my heart
I'm letting go of the bitterness
That's tearin' me apart
It's time to give us both the forgiveness
I couldn't give before
I don't want to hate you anymore

I loved you for your honesty
Now I hate you for your lies
Still I just don't see the wisdom in goodbye
So I'll put my fears in a letter of tears
I guess I never intended to send
The future's hard to believe in if I can't even see the end
There are no easy answers
It's just a fact of life
You know somebody's always leavin'
Somebody's always left behind

[Repeat Chorus]

One by one and day by day I'm getting stronger
It ain't about you any longer
It's about tryin' to save my soul

I don't want to hate you anymore
Argue or debate you
I don't want to hate you anymore

Text přidala Ketyss

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