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And as the dance begins the dancer lies asleep
He feels a silent sting inside his mind, so deep
Within his head a wicked dream has caught the will
Outside a puppet on the string ready to kill
And as the power enters ice-cold veins of blood
His self-determination dies –all actions controlled from above

Here they are
The path which they walk on
Each can be right, each could be wrong

And as the love draws near the lover lies asleep
An apparent lack of sanity lets her heart weep
“What has been done to you, my love, what did you do?
These now so empty, cloudy eyes have been so true”
And as he stares into her fearful, open eyes
No feelings linger in his face, however loud her cries

And as the fight begins the fighter lies asleep
He lifts his arm into the air, can’t hear her weep
And as his fist falls down in a moment the crying is done
Silence falls into thescenewhenday and night melt to one

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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