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Your fall is the only power driving me:
The only thing that keeps me alive
Your fall is the might that frees me from the ghost:
That demon deep inside my mind

See me, here I rise, getting up
from the ground where I've laid so long
The vision grows with me,
as I dance with the flames and picture the victims

At the end of the day I’m gonna free myself from the curse
I’m coming for you though I’m aiming at all the world
Through you I destroy everything that you symbolize
All love, all hope, all sense of humanity

See me, here I come,
we're getting close to the end where I'm free through you
The flames, they follow me,
as I move through the dark and come for your lives

yatto ore no
jiyû e

Let the dance begin
My revenge, it begins now
Flames, rise with me
We'll crucify their love,
We sacrifice their love, and I'm free

Text přidal DevilDan

Book III: At the Crossroads

Logar's Diary texty

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