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Trying to remember how it felt before
UntilI opened that front door to shelter you
Or was it you pressing the handle?
Was it me who called you in?
Who was asking, who accepting?
Does it matter in the end?
You in memakes megod
No resistance anymore
In my veins runs your blood

Looking deep inside I find a stranger sitting there
Dwelling well protected like a demon in the kaer
Will he be my silent servant?
Will he claim his benefits?
Can I use him as a weapon
In my forthcoming revenge?
Welcome home – make me strong
Give me blood –make me king
Will you pay, sing my song?
My God!

Stream of red – lost souls of the cursed
Are seeping through the fingers of my hands
The more I drink the stronger my own thirst
And the stream of blood, it never ends

You won’t give an answer,no single word comes back
My solitude remains unnoticed in the dark
But it is you who makes me solid, it is me who keeps you in
We are solitary powers, isolated, yet entwined
Who feeds whom? Who needs whom?
Your endless power becomes their doom
And my veins become black
Like god!

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Text přidal DevilDan

Book III: At the Crossroads

Logar's Diary texty

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