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Oh, look my friend, feels like a dream
It's been so long since we have seen
This dirty town – each stone in place
Seems like we left just yesterday

Look down the street, the busy scene
Come, let us dive into the screen
We can get lost just for a bit
Before we make a further step

See, very near: the center of town
Traders and thieves mix with the crowd
However, we have to find my lost part
Before she is torn out of my heart

There is a place not far from here
Selling clues about who disappeared
Whoever is lost can be found
They will help us get off the ground

Bartertown– Welcome home!

Welcome home, feels good to be in town
Life went back into my cold-blooded veins
This is home, no one pulls us down
Here we’ll find the gate to our future path

We open the door, find our way
Leading from the light into deep grey
There in the dark: a shape in the hall
Weexchange words,uncover our goal

My friends, we improved our chances to fight
Seems we have found the way to the light
But hold on, my mates – there in the green
Can this be real? Do you see what I see?


Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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