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As I step outside of misty woods, I see you standing there
( myself)
With broken eyes, face to the ground,
Begging to undo what you’ve been going through
And you weep and whisper through the dusk

Pour the past right down on me
Cause I no more trust today
Let my soul roam back and choose another way
Pour the past right down on me
My shoulders cannot bear the pain
Seems I’ve reached the end of a dead end

And the sun is sending red beams on your luminated head
(My head feels numb)
Yet your eyes don’t catch my sight
Now I reveal myself, fall into open arms
We stumble through the dim light, sing in unison

And as we reach the dark of night
I can stand because you hold me tight
And when you whisper in my ear
“It just needed you to be near”
Everything we had has returned
All the flames that formerly burned
They’ve never seized blazing bright
As before they lighten the night

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Book III: At the Crossroads

Logar's Diary texty

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