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Parlainth + The Restless Troll - text


Once, in a time before the great plague, which forced the people to employ any means to eliviate it, the splendour and the pride of Parlainth were unbroken. But evil soon threatened not only Parlainth's wealth and strength; it was its mere existence that was under attack! Was there any way to ward off this horrid fate?

After long consideration, it was decided to make use of the magicians' power: Parlainth was shifted into the astral dimension and torn out of its earthly surroundings. By a second spell all memory concerning Parlainth was to be wiped out of mankind's mind. ...And so it was done.

When Parlainth was rediscovered and its face was once again revealed, it became clear that the magicians had been mistaken: Parlainth returned as a mysterious ruin. What was left now of its former glory? The secret of the decay remains unknown till today. Howerver, all the horrors, the treasures and the souls of the deceased seem to be still present. And at night you can hear them calling you...

There... In the ruins of 'PARLAINTH - THE FORGOTTEN CITY'


The Restless Troll

At night you roam through Heaven, heading for Parlainth
You seek information of the lost city
There is only one place where you might succeed
Near the gate to mystery you'll find what you need

Welcome to the Restless Troll
Join us and drink to soothe your pain
Hear and feel the stories
Dancing through the air

As you pass the entrance the room is watching you
All these unseen strangers face you with their looks
Nervous and bewildered you close and leave the door
All draw their attention back to where it was before


Go right to the counter, get yourself a drink
Dive into the crowd, try to get a seat
Open ears and eyes, absorb the mood around
With this procedure treasures can be found

Chorus: 2X

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Book II: Parlainth - The Forgotten City

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