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Kratas - City of Thieves - text


Now, one and two makes three, and three is strong
I can feel the strings connecting us
They spin a spider's web
So, evil is always free, free and wild
Wecan never even fight our enemies
If they don’t run into our net
Go, my good friend, and run for our lives
Run and get paid back what you gave
Return some hope into our hearts
Grow thetinyseeds that you once have sown
We will let you go on your own
While we enlighten this place
In the middle dwells a knight
Hails the dark one, shuns the light
Thieves don’t know him, nor the good
Undiscovered he has stood
In the city of the thieves
There is hope to be retrieved
Inside these stone cold city walls
You'll find what you once believed
In the city of the thieves
Who is sought remains unseen
Who, however, seeks himself
Is told what his visions mean
Glow little one and shine away the pain
We won’t let the dark prevail and reign
As long as we are alive
Low was our hope when we were alone
Our lives had turned into stone
Now let us rise again
Now he’s sneaking through the mist
Holding poison in his fist
Creeping further, coming near
You don’t see him though he’s near

Text přidal DevilDan

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