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Still tracked by these wicked shadows,
Brainwashing my weakened soul from inside
Off we are running, our minds side by side,
No more hesitation, as we enter the night
The steeper the road gets, the stronger our will
Chasing fire in our backs, we bleed sweat and pain
Come on, my friend, come, we have to move on
My visions will come true before the next dawn (‘till the next dawn)

Fleeing from whispers
Which come for me at night
We now hunt my worst nightmare
Before it comes to light

The eighth hour, we've not been resting
My muscles absorb energy from my mind
Still we are moving, our bodies obey
Flashes and figures crossing my sight
I see you – my lost soul –in lingering grief
Clenching your fists, your hands hiding your face
Trying to cover, with eyes open wide
Your screams echo lonely in your last night

Forced by dark visions
We run through this lost world
To get hold of our nightmares
To finally be free
To lose this heavy weight
To quench our concerns
To be free

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