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...And then the tower came in sight
After the long and dreadful trail
Hard were the fights on our way to the place where we found what we searched for:

There is a casket unrevealed
Inside it a treasure has been sealed
Beware, beware
It holds no gold - it keeps a human soul

...And then we melted with the night
As we climbed through the tower's wall
Fear caught our minds by the feeling of helplessness in the home of the beast


...And then we saw the casket shine
A spot of light upon its form
Would I be safe if I'd stretch out my hand for the thing that should loose the truth?


There lies our future in the dark
Deep in the black a single spark
Beware, beware
No one can tell what will finally come

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Book II: Parlainth - The Forgotten City

Logar's Diary texty

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