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And if you look back to the path that you once chose
And if a voice inside is asking ‘Who was deciding, was it me or you?’
Would you even listen?
Would you try to leave?
You would see the one who’s asking is still standingnext to you

And if the path is parting, you are standing right at the fork
Andthere's someone calling – can you locate the sound deep within?
Will you even listen?
Will you hear the voice at all?
You know there's more than one force once the path before you divides

And if the light gets darker, the noise around becomingcalm
And youcan hear the power inside, is it a stranger or a friend?
Would you greet him outside?
Would let him in?
You can try, if you're strong, to uncover the connection between you

Text přidal DevilDan

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