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Slow Bleed Gorgon / Pleasures Pave Sewers - text


Shattered pieces
Poisoned minds are quick to taste
Of lesser beings
Sedated into second place
Bludgeoning fever
To get ahead to screw the beast
Backs left bare
To scar with tracts of vain release
Pleasure pave sewers slaves
Pleasure pave liars snakes
Pleasure pave sewers slaves
Pleasure pave master fakes
Pushed to breaking
To think and breed and feel the same
Suppressed by shadows
Of who and what we shouldn't be
Twisted lairs
Debating lives as currency
Treacherous visions
Perfecting what should never be
We fall to our knees
To crawl before pain's altar
Choked to our pleas
To find nothing sacred

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Video přidala Luciferka88

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