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Darkness of Ignorance - text


Shall we condemn ourselves
Knowing the shit that goes on
Fooling yourselves to the point
That you just don't belong
Bring me the head of the one
Who decides what is right
Then we'll exist to resist
And exist to persist
Unclean - Censor claims axe the choice
Obscene - Silence falls upon no voice
Controlled views, faceless acts butchery
We'll decide this is called maturity
Come out from the darkness of ignorance
The dirt ridden stench of censorship
Come out from the darkness of ignorance
This dirt ridden stench is choking me
Words are spoken often but are backed by nothing
Since dawn of time, hate, murder, rape and pain
Still we point the finger in the wrong direction
For years it seems to me they're hidden from blame

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Video přidala Luciferka88

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