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Closing your eyes, for the last time
Rest your soul and head for the light
I watched you fade away
A strong man, reduced to nothing but pain

I hope you know, memories I'll never let go
It hurts me to say, how bitter I've became
How sick I've became

And now, my only guide is gone
And I'm struggling, why can't I carry on?
And I, can't get this out of my head
I can't understand, what's gone is gone

My world falls apart, as you slowly depart
No time for goodbyes, you're out of time

Feelings I cannot explain
These thoughts I cannot contain
Feelings I cannot explain
These thoughts I cannot explain

Lift me up, and never let me go
I always thought, you'd be here to watch me grow
Open up your eyes, we're all made to die

With no tears left to cry, I lift my head to the sky
I'll see you again, I'll see you when I die

The worst part is, that life goes on
No last goodbyes to the ones we love
Condemned to always be alone
I'm falling into this hole

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
One thing I know, we're all made to rust

As time goes by I've come to realise

Nothing ever lasts, can't keep my head stuck in the past
Pull your head out, of the past

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