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Take It Low - text

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I wish we could have a chance
All I need is a chance
To really get to know you
Girl I seen the way that you prance
By the way that you dance
Its some things I like to show you
So baby if you down to ride
Yo feelinz dont hide
Its room inside the rover
Your what I need in my lfe
Yo body's so right
Shaped like a pop soda
Please believe its not a dream
Its exactly how it seems
Girl the magazines showed ya
I know you see the shiny things
Gold grill, diamond rings
Me and my niggaz takin ova
But if anything I need a queen
Who lean on my shoulder
When I feel the need to hold ya
Girl you makin me wanted
Flee a scene
Hit the road up
Get you across the border
Let me see you
Take it low
Take it low
Take it low
Take it
Lemme see ya
Lemme see ya take it low baby
Cause its about to get physical
Physical baby
Oh baby
Oh yea
Now I dont know about you
But I know I would like to do alotta things to you
Lotta things
Lotta things
Lotta things to you
Freaky things to you
Now girl I love to be your man
But understand that my plan is to be your one and only
Aint no runnin round tryna fuck the homies
Down on the otha side of town tryna flow me
Yea I know that if my minds on the grind 99 time to time
You may feel unwanted
But in fact anytime you feelin lonely
Dont wait another moment
Hit me up ill come jump on it
Oh no take it slow
Lets take it low lady
Oh no physical
So physical baby(so physical)
Oh no take it slow
Lets take it low lady(alryt)
Oh lets get physical
So physical baby
[Chorus til song ends]

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