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Intro (MDMA) - text


Uh, step up in the club
In my best two piece
I don't need no piece, capisce
I got at least a couple goons with me and POLO Da Don
Name speaks for itself type of shit we on
We on that Dom Pérignon
We on that ace, whole club full off dimes
So unscrew up your face and get off that, that, that
Cause we off that
Key the same shape as the car
Tell 'em to toss that
Maserati 22's paint job gloss black
Hit a pothole, just image we riding horseback
On the coast Patrick Swayze
Baby we getting dosed, can I tap that maybe
We can pull up and hop out and walk in and roll up
Now hold up say my name before I pull out
Game, it'll never be the same unless I'm fucking with Lloyd
And he got his own, lane
Uh bring me some more Champagne
We sipping on ace I ain't talking card games
I'm talking black cards and swagger is a art
Let me see if you still holdin' when I play this king of hearts.

Text přidal Moonblade

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