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Waiting in the Wings - text

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There's hope in he night
When eyes are ablaze
They've turned out the lights
On my way through the maze
I sold you a vision
But I sold out too cheap
And I'll never know which way do I go
Oh, I'm in too deep
Tragically I wonder always underground
I'm waiting in the wings
I'm watching for a way to make it out
I'm waiting for the wings
Take a chance you'll believe in me somehow
I see things clearly now
Time has changed me
I am a creation, now is that a strange thing
I know that you need me, oh I'm waiting, I'm waiting
Nothing's the same not even my name
Oh, this whole thing's been staged
Magically I'll appear without a sound
(repeat chorus)
Somehow we'll make it through
We got nothing to lose
Just take a chance
(repeat chorus)

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