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There Will Be Blood Tonight - text

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Eye of newt for gods of love and hate and war before us
We pray and dance and scheme
And conjure pagan ritual lust
We cast our spell into the sky
We sacrifice a life to live, some one must die
He's calling, he's calling, he's calling
There will be blood tonight
A sacrificial lamb in white
There will be blood tonight
The ceremony flames ignite
There will be blood tonight
A virgin drowns in the sea of light
Come all you faithful while the moon's full
Just believe and thy work will be done here
The council for the cauldron
Secret coven, reach for clear
The holy spirit gemini
The seven sisters two of nine
Now wait for the sign
He's coming, he's coming, he's coming
There will be blood tonight
Messiah come reveal your light
There will be blood tonight
Our sacred shadow rise to life
There will be blood tonight
A hanged man soul is our dark knight
From him which is witch's to come
Salvation for archangel's son
Washed our sins with his own blood
Drowning rats die in the flood
He who's faithful he who's bled
The first begotten of the dead
Eat her flesh and burn with fire
The keys to hell for your desire

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