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Hell Is for Heroes - text

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It's time to come beyond the grave
Hot off the fire enslaved
Stick to your guns, there's no disgrace
Moth-eaten rules are out of place
And what I mean is what I say
Follow me I'll lead the way
But if they take away the thrill
It ain't worth the kill
I can't surrender to you
You know what you're gonna, gonna try to do
I can't surrender to you
I won't surrender to you
Hell is for heroes, you know who you are
Love is for fools, the pain and the scars
Heaven's for dreamers who pray to the stars
Hell is for heroes like me and you
Low down and dirty open fire
Make some noise in this world
No bed of roses lust desire
Make some noise in this world
I'm holy terror juvenile
Make some noise in this world
And when there's no place left to turn
Then I will burn

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