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Like TV is our reality
We can't escape the program
They only show us what they want us to see

Singing my easy share
and barely breathing back against the wall
Back against the wall
You layed on the heavy
Like them like them
Like them you will been boy

I am the program
On a big screen
This wanna use me use me yeah
And it's a limited time offer with no guarantee
I'm just the sucker in this scheme

Believe me like a program
Like TV is our reality
We can't escape the program
They only show us what they want us to see

Make me a sensitive
My word my face
Don't care how do you feel
The latest castle been the bosom line
You take up on my time

I can't say what I want
On a dead fight
I don't care how you feel
It's my agenda I do what I want
do what I want
I don't care who are you afraid

Yeah not a cop
Yeah It's getting to

Do I got it to how many aches
It's probably the majority places
Against the enormity places
For the problems to be resolved
In a way it's gonna take more
Than a mock to watch the state of
Gun shops it debates
Cuts always the rest
Probably they like cold blood bleach
Good for whites bad for coloured
So when they act the surgery
Like they're nervous
'Cause my gran was shot dead
When the people heights
To protect the service
When the may like a man do the talks
So made the dumb people
Walk a round with a smock
Gone everybody dressing the same
As they're clones
Like they're wearing a uniform
Been unique as wearing a unicorn
With use the dude a norm
And just accept himself
Such on a be like everybody
Just accept himself
You free your mind doing anything
That you wish to
Algorithm is blue
Are the future of a peaceful man

I can't wait to lease over
I can't take your own
Got me run in a psycho
Got to kiss you on my head
Kiss you on my head

Court declared
US is now officially in an information battle
And the ease of media monopoly are over
We are in an information war
We're loosing that war
We'll be buried after my assessment

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