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How'd you come to live among freaks angel?
You fill this place with timeless grace
You blind us, come with heaven light
Without your wings you'd [?] through the night

Where'd you leave your halo angel?
Is it underneath the devil's bed?
Did you lose it among the stars?
Or is it circling my heart torn apart?

Where angels feel the same
Your warning and your sign
Of love and care be mine, be mine, be mine

Where will you go when you leave my angel?
To the gutter or to heaven's gate
But when St. Peter sees that look, he sees that knowledge in your eye
Will it tell you then that it's much too late

Well, is it much too late?
Angel, is it much too late?

Where are you going?
Don't you leave
I love, I love, I love you, oh

Don't you go
Please, don't you go
Please, please, don't you go
Don't you, don't you go
Don't you go, don't you go

Please, don't go, angel, angel
Please, please, please, don't go

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