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Ok - text


I am not ok
with this TV in my face
and liar after liar
with nothin' bout nothin' higher.

I am on the outside
peerin' in to your world
and all the boys and girls are singin'
"Save me, save me from the one who only
rapes me."
Take away my TV;
don't want your fuckin' recipe,
it's all decay, decay, decay.
Not today, today, today.
Take away my TV;
don't want your fuckin' therapy,
it's all decay, decay, decay..
Not today, today, today.

It's our world and I'm on fire
with anger and desire;
not the kind that they feed to me
with their emptiness and greed, greed,

I don't give a fuck what you say
about me.
Everything you are is just a tool to me,
so just set up the mic and let me do
my thing
in the conciousness of each and every
sentient being
rainin' down like a thunderstorm into
your mind

Text přidala Ludkaa9


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