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Good Pain - text


He said, he said, he said,
"There was nothing to fear, boy"
And he said, he said, he said,
"Worthless are your tears boy"

"Just realize your senses
And realize your earth
Just realize your essence first"

Well, don't you know, now I
I'll never be the same again
I want to walk in the sun
I am alive and well again
No more bittersweet
No more good pain
No more

So many of us stand in the middle
Looking back to the worst
Looking forward to the fall
Making weapons of peace for the defense
Of the bloodstains on our peaceful sidewalks

You say the buildings got too tall
And they're going to fry your brother
Well, I say you'd better walk away, walk away, walk away,
And find your mother

No more bittersweet
No more good pain

If I can't sing this song
And tell you all about it
Then I'll just pack it up right now and walk away
Don't even doubt it

So when our sherry glass is full
And the day is way too young
You'd better sip today, sip today, sip today
Before it's gone

No more bittersweet
No more good pain

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