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Superstar Life - text

Get on your knees and bow right down
I'll sing you a song of my renown
When you're a famous pet like me
You look at your life a little differently
Just one servant is not enough
I need a least a dozen to hold my stuff
And when I go shop right down the street
I take my jet to spare my feet

Shahrukh: Water please! What... What is this?!
Russell: Uh, it's water!
Shahrukh: What?! No bubbles?!
Russell: Ugh...

Oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, hey!

A butler stands by every door
To open it myself seems such a chore
I've got more money than you can see
My Swiss bank account's in Germany
One course, two course, three course, four
Every meal takes three hours or more
Steak's too thick, well, what do I do?
I just pay somebody else to chew
Oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, hey!

I got an honorary degree
From every single major university
I think it's funny but don't ask me
I pay other people to laugh for me
Shahrukh: Oh, my! Why am I still standing? Pick me up! Ah, much better. Dance solo! Oh, bring it down! Shake what your mama gave you! Yes, move it, move it, move it! I like what I see! I'm not doing it, but you do it so well! That's right!
If you ask me, it's just not fair
Everywhere I go, all the people stare
But it's not hard to feel envy
When I'm head to toe in jewelry
That's my life as a superstar
You can see it's not an easy thing by far
Now I'm going to count to three
And I want you all to cry for me

Text přidal tomi19992

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