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I'll Always Call Your Name - text


"And I know if I don't go
I'll never ever be like a rolling stone
I know I'm leaving you today
There were times when I coulda done
I didn't feel as ready as I shoulda done
I feel the time is right

Now and then when I'm on my own
And can't get used to being all this way from home
My heart feels kinda sad
It's a time when I am not sure
Which way my crazy life is pulling me towards
I know I'll always call your name

I'll always call your name
I'll always call your name
I'll always call your name
I'll always call your name

[Guitar sollo]

Sometimes I get the feeling
I'm acting like a fool
But then I get ambition
And it tends to overrule
And even when I'm down
The feeling's just the same
Ain't nothing gonna hurt me
I'll always call your name, name, name

And you've shown me good times and bad
And right from wrong whenever I confuse my head
I still regard you as my home
Just the same if fortune and fame
Should come along and take me down a lonely lane
You know I'll always call your name


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