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They'd spend a lifetime,
And fight over lines,
Which you and me
Could never control.
I'm feeling a sense
Of imaginable loss,
Over people I don't even know.

We used to be such
Intelligent Animals,
Lamenting the loss
of Intelligent Animals.

If Darwin could see
What we turned out to be,
He'd probably admit he was wrong.
So pray did St. Christopher, down on your knees
'Cause in 50 years, we'll all be gone, ohoh.

We used to be such,
Intelligent Animals.
So tell me where are these
Intelligent Animals.

Keep walking away,
You Intelligent Animals
Animals, Animals

Ooooh! Now we behave, like, we lost all/our control
Now we behave, like, we lost all/our control
Now we behave, like.

Because Darfur is a place without history, Darfur is a place without politics.
Darfur is simply a dot on the map.
It is simply a place, a site, where perpetrator confronts victim. And the perpetrator's name is Arab, and the victim's name is African.
And it is easy to demonize.
It is easy to hold a moral position which is emptied of its political content.
This bothered me, and so I wrote about it.

Oh, Intelligent Animals.
Intelligent Animals!
Intelligent Animals!
Intelligent Animals..

And Animals, Animals.

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