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We Went to the Beach - text


We went to the beach
Every year, the middle of June
We crammed into that Astro van
Tighter than a can of sardines
And we went to the beach

We fought in the back
And dad got mad
And mama rolled the windows down
"Y'all smell the salt of the beach?"

Well, it was double beds
With a kitchenette
Bedspreads of sea-foam green
It was sunburns and taking turns
On boogie boards we'd bring

Even if we spent every single cent to stay across the street
We went to the beach

We mowed a few yards
I filled a coffee can with some Benjamins
Just a couple of friends
Just barely seventeen

And we went to the beach

And in the middle of March
We put real life starts and partied so hard
We could barely remember a thing

It was PBRs and tiki bars
Don't take my fake I.D
It was cigarettes, girls we just met
And making out on lifeguard seats

And those polaroids of me and the boys is all the proof I need
And we went to the beach

Girl, don't you hate to leave
It's been one hell of a week

It was a vow, to you too, "I do."
Babe, can you believe?
It was brand new tans
Brown-golden bands
Of sand all in the sheets

If I know you and me, we only get one of these
And we went to the beach

We went to the beach
We went to the beach
We went to the beach

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