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I pain me for I am sinner
I’m cast into the nether realm
An’ with one gesture I my soul shrew
To wander along the flammeous stream
Me must suffer the judges’ sentence
Me must call upon my victims
So that I’ll receive forgiveness
And to acquire mercy
Flum o’ fire
Seethes with ooze and water
Its torrents clipped m’ in
My torment might come t’ an end
Acc I caun’t bee reless’d
Mi boone nile bee ‘hyerd
Wo! I’ll b’ erryd vor ‘on yeer mo
On-till obteine merci
Plutonian peccables moan in a din of scathe-fire
Their orison feed the river with pain
Abysmal echoes escry fo’ remission
In Phlefeton
In Phlegeton
Fire waters
But I can’t be released
My boon won’t be heard
Woe! I’ll be wand’ring for one year mo’
Until obtain mercy

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