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The liege o' love
Descendeth therein
Where cimmerian dwells
The peccables wailen
With bemournful cries
Soon they shou'd know
Demonic sikes
Announce hir dolour
To (the) impassible lords
Lamentous pyres
Engulfen the place
To impurifye
The rebus of lif,the pabulum of soothe
Sempiternal rest,unalloy'd and pure
The liege lord abstergeth, hir lacrim souls
So sinners to wotten,and judges to crawlen
{Ye who unwillingly 'd been ygyv'd,into the netherworld's depth
Tis time for (youre) cicatrization,fr'm the parturient bale
He,who has the stevene of illudness,the abbe with the virulent smile
His bards shall be vanish'd into silence,and his gelid demons will
" The death's porte has been open found,the charon's cries no longer
The holy light pranketh hir doubts,his feedin' phos bestrideth (the)
dreadfule founts
And his graceful beams bedeweth sinners' souls,thus,they knowen sooths
sacred laws
Godlike forgiv'ness hir atrabilariousness bedighteth,open'th withal the
golden portals of paradise
... and demons lament "

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Aphesis: The Sapience of Dying


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