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Bellerophon's Doom - text

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Hobbling o’er the dark clad lands of sorrow
Great hero whilom, now’s a ribald without morrow
To th’ other side fell I, calcined down whence I thought
Alas! Ere ‘twas glory, but Moirae nailed me to abide
Boreas raises my soul to rise up to the liege Sol
Unto death to fly, wond’red toward Lethe to fall
Banished, exiled unto water flitting to and fro
Plashless unfold my wings, and let ‘em slowly die
Tis renewed, but gave me a far well
O, a soulless (living) body, what tales to tell?
My mournful mind’s storming my thought
To whom I pay, to whom I ought
Olympians did rejoice, boast did lament
Thy craft was defied, mans’ life was dispended
Th’ earth reflects an old man’s guilt
Thrall of thy deed, not what had he wished
Ay! Quoth I “what pride thou beholdst?”
Eft soon my spirit thine empty hands shall hold
Notion’s on life though a victor o’er thee
Free folk, full energy’s what I do see
Or in Olympus, or on earth and sea
I will rule in a world of worlds
Gracious sovereign, to time’s Telos
(My) Season of sapience

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