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Come with us to our land,
with the wind and the sea and the sand.
Seek the tyrant that's true,
or he will come for you.

Evil is always on our mind,
cause evil will break the line.

(verse 1)
Evil in a ravens eye,
evil in you and I,
hell is a place where we grow strong.
Venom has the power,
so let's burn that tower,
something is bad and that is good.

Something evil whispers in my ear,
dying is for losers so beware.

See the tyrant of terror in satan's hand,
shout loud, stand up proud,
we are the winning crowd,
the tyrant of terror is our man.

(verse 2)
So now that we are strong,
we'll have to carry on,
ravens will guide us in the dark.
Yes, we are the force,
the ones who set the course,
join our crusade against all good.

Call him with voices that are strong, tyrant!
Show him that we proudly carry on, tyrant!
It's time to believe in what is wrong, tyrant!
Call the tyrant of terror.

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