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(verse 1)
We're on a mission for country and king,
they know that we're the saviours,
courage is shown,
we are the non-decievers.

(verse 2)
Ages of dragons have ruined the land,
the land that was promised the Wildhearts,
fight back our throne,
'cause we're the non-decievers.

We are so strong,
we'll carry on,
there is no reason we'll go wrong,
marching together.

Time is all that we need my friend,
forever will come to an end,
dangerknights and dragons they can't harm us.
Trust the look in our eyes,
glory wont tell us no lies,
chasing the creatures of evil through this holy night,

(verse 3)
Danger approaches, our prey is so near,
dreaming of blood and of freedom,
vengance so strong,
we are the non deceivers.

(verse 4)
Dragons of fire are roaring with wrath,
they know that we are the slayers,
fight back our throne,
'cause we are the true believers.

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