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This is not a phase, this won't be outgrown,
we've got things to say, I am not alone...
you call me a freak, you say that I am weird.
I am not the one whose life is filled with fear.
I will face the world, and I will take your shit,
but all you do is hide and I'm f*cking sick of it.
I think I've had enough of everything you do,
I think I've had enough, I've had enough of you...
Who the fuck are you to tell me whos I am?
You don't believe in anything, at least I take a stand.
You think I should grow up but I think I already have,
I'll succeed on my own terms,
I'll take what I can grab.
I don't think it's fair to judge me without cause,
if life is won by how you play then you've already lost.
You know it doesn't matter if you think I'm wrong or right,
so quit your god damn bitching and get a fucking life...

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17 Reasons

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