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Burning Down - text


A place that I could go to,
no longer welcomes me,
outcasted and rejected,
I never thought I'd leave.
No longer is it sacred,
it's tainted through and through,
I thought that it was differen,
now I know that isn't true...
You wear on your sleeve,
I wear it in my heart,
you were so quick to finish,
I have yet to start...
Something far to perfect,
is never what it seems,
the reality I wanted,
lives only in my dreams.
It's so sad that your life revolves around a fad,
you're burning down your future
while you build up your past...
The unity they sold to me,
was an ugly fucking lie.
They've cast me out,
and I've seen the truth 'cos I opened my eyes...
A fatasty I lived in has now crashed back to the ground,
now nothing looks the same,
it's all been turned around.
I thought that I could live it
and change the was things are,
but I lived that way for years,
and nothing's changed so far.
It took so long to build it,
this home I thought I'd found,
but where there's smoke there's fire,
and now it's burning down.

Text přidala Tinee

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