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Redrum - text


You are now listening to a Bobby Johnson beat
Yeah, Yeah

You paying for pussy you wanna get played (yuh, yuh)
Your stripes and your stripes man they gonna just fade (yuh, yuh)
I'm laughing while running the check to the bank (yuh, yuh)
I'm running, i'm running, i'm running on faith (yuh, yuh)
I swear to god I think this shit is a phase (yuh, yuh)
All of the people they end up in graves (yuh, yuh)
Trip to the church and you know I got paid (yuh, yuh)
Nothing last long and no one ever stayed (yuh, yuh)
Everyday feel like a everyday thing (yuh, yuh)
Bottles of Sage just make sure you take home and blind this, yeah
I think the money a part of me, yeah
I just want yall to be proud of me, yeah
Think I'm happy i'm calling it yeah, aye

Redrum, fuck somebody up
Redrum, fuck somebody up
Redrum, fuck somebody up
Redrum, fuck somebody up

Text přidal JakeMarko555

Video přidal JakeMarko555

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