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What Up Doe?
Yes, This Is The End Of No Celings.
I hope you enjoyed it.
I really do.
And like I said it was all for you,
Thank you I appreciate you,
Everything about you.
And again this WAS and IS... No Ceilings.
This is just a message, your beat ain't safe.
Yeah, I just like to have fun.
And so, to ask me, Why did I do this?
Why do you keep- Why do you give out free music?
Why do you do this? Why-Why?
Because I'm Weezy, hah.
I-I-I-I I'm different, I have plenty of it.
So, it's nothing for me to... Share.
That's why it's free.
No Ceilings!
Please don't forget the F.

Young Money!

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