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Now I know the only compass That I need
Is the one
leads back to you.
And now I know the only compass That I need
Is the one
leads back to you.

She had cat eyes,nine lives,no tan lines
Bad habits.
She ride me like a drive by
I'm real these niggas Sci-Fi
But thats neither here not there.
She been Contemplating short hair.
She said she tryna be different.
But she just like the rest of these bitches.
But thats neither here not there.

And my dick is her chair
It be se**** warfare
It be loaded like software
Got so many hoes ,I'm ho'in
But she the only one worth knowin
And yeah I do my dirt
But thats the flowers to grow in
I ain't trippin,but she be trippin
They ain't got shit on me
but she keep sniffin.

Look girl,
just gimmie that brain
And I'll return the favor.
Them hoes say Imma dog
But how come I don't chase'em
I lick her with no chaser
I pick her out a line up
I just wanted some time

She say " okay I'm a honor"
But she been wantin to break up,
since dolce and gabbana
All thats ass I just be like come sit yo
groceries on my counter.

I drink tea,she drink wine
call it Tijuana.
I dyin to meet a girl
But she want me to meet her momma
Sweat I'mma go Mr.Myiagi
burn on me now
The weed is funky
but i'm smelling fine


I got that shit in my system
somebody gon be my victin.
eh,so where you at wit it.
Cuz i can't do it by myself
I need an ass-istant.
I got that good good,that get right
that early morning,that midnight.
I beat it up,like a fist fight.
One,two,three,four,five,six nights.
That dick all in yo windpipe.

Some of her friends I dislike
Some of yo friends,they alright
Sometimes I think y'all all dykes
But fuck all that,I'm on one
Don't wanna be with the wrong one
That cold head,that warm tongue
My third leg run marathons
I feel you like I'm blind girl
Can't you see ,it's meant to be
So come to me, than come for me
My game cold,one degree.

I'm rollin with two bad
bitches cuz misery
loves company
one sweet,one sour
My honeybee and my bumblebee
I miss you in the worst way
Ride the dick no speed bumps
no redlights ,no stop bights
Just get to


Now ,ah
Should I call somebody else?
Cuz girl it's almost twelve
And this dick won't sucks itself
Girl you know it need some help.
It'll make a nigga's day
If you said ,you on your way, yeaaah..
and she say
Now I know the only compass That I need
Is the one
leads back to you.
And now I know the only compass That I need
Is the one
leads back to you.

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