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Throw Em Up - text



Throw Em' Up woody were over here woody what's ur problem woody my gurl's
Marianna Garcia aka mariachi woody so back off woody cuz' im cumin' woody stop
frontin' woody dont be a snitch cuz' u then gonna be a bitch homie so Throw Em'
UP homie

So listen up woody my Gurl's color's is red and black and u kno that stand fo'
VL woody so listen up homie i got 20 not 21 more questions to say homie and u
dont want to mess wit' my gurl's cousin VG cuz' he be reppin' GD woody Throw
Em' Up u no what i mean jelly bean its that sign we throw up when we is mean is
u a King or a Vice Lord i got 26 Killah's if u kno what i mean dont i remind u
of Mr.Bean i aint that sweet but ill be at ur house at 3 to see u Throw Em' Up

[Chorus x2]

Throw Em' Up

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Game Time

Lil Romeo texty

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