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Richie Rich - text


[Verse 1:]
i'm ya idol, the ensteindal, numeral uno, yes i'm so fresh and i speak it so that you know,
and understand i got the gift to speak, and its a blessin', so listen to the lesson i preach, i talk 6
condents to the form of my palm, got knowledge from my toes to the top of my dome, i'm kinda young,
but my tongue speaks maturity, since i'm a child got me callin' for security, i get paid, every time
my record is played, to put it short...i got it made.

Rich, rich, rich, rich, richie rich
I, I, I, I, I got it made

[Verse 2:]
i'm talented yes i'm gifted, never boosted never shoplifted, i got cash but money ain't
nothin', make a million dollars every record that I cuttin',p.miller gear for everyday, will teach
from France to the USA, and yo i make fresh rhymes daily, you drive me..really, things just blank, and
i make a million rhymes, just imagine if ya blank a million times, then you know i'll be paid Richie
rich...I got it made.

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3:]
i'm kinda spoiled cause everything i want i got made, i wanted gear got everything from
cotton to suede, i make money every time my video's played, my hair is growing to long so i got me
some braids, and when my dishes got dirty i got me a maid, and when the weather was hot i got a spot
in the shade, i'm wise cause i rise to the top of my grave, wanted peace on Earth so in God i praise,
some kids across town thought that I was afraid, they couldn't harm me, i got the soldiers bigade.

[Chorus 2x]

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