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[Lil Rob in background]
[Lil Rob:]
What's happenin' man
The homeboy Ese Lil Rob
The homeboy Gemini
[Carmen Sandiego:] And ya girl Carmen San, man (That's right)
[Lil Rob:] What you see is what you get
[Carmen Sandiego:] That's right
[Lil Rob:] Check

[Verse 1: Lil Rob]
Hey, what you see is what you get (Yeah)
But how much more than what you seein' (That's right)
If you can bet your bottom dollar
Then place all bets on me (Yeah)
And I'm a take it to a place
Where we've never been before (That's right)
Still sippin' and dippin'
And bouncin' in a '64
Crazy motherfucker from around the way (Way)
I got a six shooter, yo, mean hombre (Bre)
I smoke weed and get, high all day (Day)
And can't stop my hip hop, no how, no way (Way)
I'm addicted like it's a drug, and I can't help it, it's in my veins
If I'm away from the mic too long, I start to get stomach pains
It's like a really bad come down
What you see is what you get, that's the rundown
Sun up to sun down {*whistling*}

[Lil Rob:]
That's right
It's Lil Rob
Yeah, what you see is what you get
It's all you get
Puttin' it down for the brown side of town
Uh huh
What you see is what you get, motherfucker
Hey Gemini
Won't you tell 'em what's up, perro

[Verse 2: Big Gemini]
What you see is what you get
Real talk, real spit
Real life, no gimmicks, I'm the bonafied (Shit)
So thorough when I do it, yeah, my music influences
And if y'all don't agree with that, well then
I guess it ain't for you, thing, is it
Our hustler know what's up
Them gangstas know what's up
My average ordinary fuckers, yeah, they know what's up (Gemini)
Two sides, phenom, when I rhyme
VVS's do shine, when I zoom (Pass by)
So don't get me confused with a singer, just cause
I sang in my rhymes, that's in my arsenal (Don't get me confused, motherfucker)
I never change, not for you, him or no one
What you see is what you get
If you want it, come and get ya some

[Big Gemini:]
What you see, motherfucker
Is what the fuck you get
Hate it or love it
Take it or leave it
You know what I'm sayin'
The fuck we do it right here, Gemini

[Carmen Sandiego:]
Hold up, Rob
Man, hold up
You know you got the
Queen of the Dirty Do-The-Damn-Thang, you know what I'm sayin'
YOu know I got to go on and represent for the females very quick
Cause you know
What you see is what you get
For real

[Verse 3: Carmen Sandiego]
You want a bitch to beg and plee
Trippin' 'bout where you be
You baby, your dad ain't me
Cause this girl livin' dangerously
She stay smoked out
Creeping over
Behind my tinted windows
Rollin' on, my 24's, and smashing on, these hatin' hoes
Take me as I am, I really don't give a damn
I ain't fucked up 'bout your fam
I never change who I am
I done wreck the Michael legends of them places that you dream
I keep risin' to the top
While you states start hatin' me
Carmen San gon' keep it real, chunkin' dueces with the H
What you see is what you get, so let it roll, bitch, hate

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Uncut For The Calles: Mextape Volume Uno

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