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[Lil Rob:]

[Verse 1:]
Whether it's Cinco De Mayo or any old day
Pop open a beer, when the mariachi's play
Twist a cap off that tequila
Huggin' with ya Visa
Put some mantequila on the homemade tortilla
Make yourself a taco, before you get boraccho
Start actin' macho
With the wrong vato
Fight with your ruka, ay, that's what we do, hun
Do a single dedo there before the night is through, hun
You'll call her bruja
She'll call you asshole
You'll take a puff on the funny tobacco
So that you'll calm down
Everything's calm now
Take another shot
Ay, homie, it's on, now
You're feeling really good
You're in your neighborhood
Hey homie, what you think, get homie another drink
Let's see, Pepsi and Presidente
Someone requested "Volver, Volver" by Vicente

[Chorus: Lil Rob]
You take your bottle and you twist the cap
Put it to ya lips, mija, just like that
I wanna
Leave it alone, but I can't
I tried to run from the bottle, but it just comes back
You take your bottle and you twist the cap
Put it to ya lips, mija, just like that
I wanna
Leave it alone, but I can't
Cause it just comes back
It just comes back

[Verse 2:]
Gente yell and gritos, havin' lots of liquor
You been drinkin' so much that your panza's getting bigger
You wanna quit drinkin', but
You're not a quitter, cause
You're the big dog, ese
The heavy hitter
Mr. Tequila
Mr. Cerverza
Mr. Crystal
And Mr. Yeska
Life of the party til the party stops
Cause you'll be the main reason why they called the cops
Cause you're
Drunk and stupid
You bein' foolish
Wake up in the mornin', ask yourself why you do this
It doesn't matter cause you'll do it again
Brand new day, time to get drunk and stupid again
I can't
Talk shit because I been there, too
So I talk a lot of shit because I been that fool
I am that fool
Everytime the weekend comes
They play some Vicente, that's when we get dumb


[Verse 3:]
I think I sit back and I think too much
But they say, that I kick back, and I drink too much
But what the fuck
You know that I'm havin' fun
The party's over, but I'm actin' like it just begun
Hit the neighbors up
They should've never moved in
That's what they get, when they move next to Mexicans
Party all night long, til the manana
Tomando lots of liquors, fumando marijuana


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