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[Intro begins at the end of "From The SD To H-Town"]

[Low G (Lil Rob):]
Yeah (Yeah)
Low G (Simon)
Low Gangsta (Lil Rob)
And Lil Rob (That's right)
Keeping it street
Keeping it live for the Mexican movement (Uh huh)
Tracho (Chicano and proud)
Representin' Centro America (Califas)
Anywhere in the world
I'd be the same gangsta
Anywhere that you see me
Anywhere that you find me (Low G)
I'd be the same boy (Lifestyl Federal)
El mismo
Nunca cambio
I don't change for nothin'

[Verse 1: Low G]
En '95
I started with [? ]
Dope House, WetBlack, now we got Olmeca
A mic wrecker
A born Mayan and Azteca
This is for real, right here, you better guard your nigga
I been homeboys, my tiny to shine, I want the world
Get the money for my boys and my baby girl
In Secon Ward is where you find me, I ain't change at all
Gangsta boy, jet black, see, I done it all
And fuck the law, pinches, jotos said, "They know me, dawg"
And one more time for my boys, locked up the law
I kept it real, won't change, even for the deal
That's the boy about the street to tell you, "What's the deal"
I only rap on what I done
That's how I feel
Just for the three or twenty G's in my shiny wheel
Just watch me kill the hate right now with my shiny steel
No remorse, in my head, vacations at Brazil

[Break: Nasty]
"Hide a cuete under my seat, I sleep with it by my bed"
"Between your life and my life, rather it be your life instead"


[Verse 2: Lil Rob]
Mi tiempo es mi tiempo (Yeah)
I don't need no vest, holmes (No vest, holmes)
I'm from the left, side of the map
You know, the west, holmes (San Diego)
San Diego, Los Angeles (Yeah)
Came from where the bottom is
And the ground like where the basement is
From barely making it
To almost making it, to barely making it again
Do what I have to do to make some ends
I always stay righteous, and I never burn my friends (Hell nah)
I go out
On the ledge
To the edge (That's right)
And they can do the same for me (Yeah)
Feel some bodies full of lead
Hide a cuete under my seat, I sleep with it by my bed (That's right)
Don't get me wrong, don't wanna see nobody dead
But between your life and my life, rather it be your life instead
I mean what I say, so I meant what I said (I mean what I said)
So if you find yourself with my cuete, to your head
It means you tried to double-cross me
And I can't let that happen (Fuck no)
It'll be, to be the last man standin', and the last man laughin' (Uh hun)

[Break x2]

[Verse 3: Chocstilli]
[? ] valo con la .380
No me vales
Si tu dices que tu eres gangsta
Soy de el barrio
Y hacer como va el juego
And if you think I'm playin'
With ya, step with your best shit
Yo, si, te treno
Lifestyl Federal
Live with no medical
Y atras dia, un pelea bien sierio
Feria, suenos
Why can't I reach them, though?
Losin' my mind, tryin' to find them, got the bueno
G-Town to Pasadena
Es el mi rola
713, 409, pura hora
So say what you wanna, yo siempre hago mi cosa
Cien perciento, mas duro que la otra
Ridin' on a Nasty beat
Mobbin' hard en el calle
Dandoles guera a todo los que me fallen
Cara a cara
Yo no me escondo
Te mando el pantion, sieze pies ondo

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Uncut For The Calles: Mextape Volume Uno

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