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[Lil Rob]
I hope you don't mind
But I'd like to steal a moment of your time
I just wanna get to know you

And all it took was just one look and, I was hypnotized
Mesmerized by your pretty smile, and your pretty eyes
You're so, captivating, definitely soul shaking
Breathtaking (breathtaking) got me craving for your lovemaking
I'd, like to get together to get to know you a little better
What kind of things you like, if you like me too, y'know, whatever
I'll pick you up for a date I promise that I won't be late
In fact, I'll be early cause to be honest with you I just can't wait

[Chorus: sung]
Ooooooooh, baby, baby (baby)
Ooooooooh, baby, baby (ooh, baby)
Ooooooooh, baby, baby
Ooooooooh, baby, baby

[Lil Rob]
I'd love to take you out, maybe we can hit the town (would you like that)
Dinner, and a movie, I mean, we can go dancin, or cruise around
How's that sound? (How's that sound?)
Like to show you a good time if you wouldn't mind
It would be my pleasure, see I can't think of nothing better
Or, anything I'd rather do, what could beat the time I had with you
Share a couple of thoughts, share a couple laughs with you
That'll do (that'll do)
I just know, that I can have a blast with you
Let the good times roll, I'd like to make 'em last with you, let's go


What must I do, to be alone with youuuuuuu
Oooohhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, tell 'em Rob

[Lil Rob]
What'chu think? I just need the opportunity
Girl you don't know what you do to me (just give me the chance)
If I was yours, I'd be yours exclusively
To enjoy any way you want to, I don't only want you
But I need you, and I'd do anything to please you
You could teach me things and there's some things I could teach you
I don't mean to jump the gun, I'm just happy I got to meet you
Just one touch from your, fingertips
Just one kiss from your sweet sweet lips
Would make me flip and be like


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Twelve Eighteen: Part I

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