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Just One Of Your Kisses - text


[phone rings]

[Lil Rob]
No I'm still recordin
Whats happenin
Na I'm jus.. nah
Wait a minute, wait a minute
Let me say something to you

[Verse 1]
I know my life is kinda rough on you, kinda tough on you
But this is what I do, is what I did when you left me too
Why would anybody wanna put chains on me, I paided my dues to make it
Kept it real wit you and never faked it
everybody wants me to be, what they want me to be
I won't be happy when I should be
fuck that, that isn't me you can't see my visions
You alter my decisions all my decisions keep me from makin millions
Love makes you do foolish things
sit alone by a phone a phone that never rings
and when it rings its more like where the fuck you at?
I'm tired of this shit and don't got time for that
I'll call you back why even bother all you do is holler
and shout and yell about something jus don't know what about
It's kinda fucked up cause I'm suppose to make you my wife
you love me but don't trust me don't want a part of this life its alright

[Chorus x2]
I know your mad at me and done had it wit me
I know it feels like forever, like you'll never be happy wit me
jus when you think I don't, I understand
hat jus one of your kisses will make me feel so grand

[Verse 2]
See I can only imagine how it feels to be in your shoes
these other girls think your lucky these other girls have no clue
what you go through, but you forgot that I respect you
I'm away to the top and shit I won't forget you
I've been doin these for thirteen years and how the fuck can I stop
I feel like I'm stuck between a hard place in a rock
You're at the pad you've been mopin a lot
I'm hopin you're not, I'm at the pad smokin a lot
dealin wit feelings so tell me how you feel about mine
Shit I'm talking to you how you feelin about mine
I know you love me but you hate me
Breakup to makeup and I know it drives you crazy
waitin for me to wakeup, and I don't know what you tell all your friends
But there's two sides to every story before it all ends
so if you decide to get up when push comes to shove
I wish you love with no grudge cause I love you that much and that's love


[Verse 3]
I know your mad at me done had it wit me
I know it feels like forever like you'll never be happy wit me
jus when you think I don't, I understand
jus one of your kissed will make me feel so grand
And you know me so baby let things be
cause imma be who I am, so baby let me be
I'll give you the world if you jus let me
make you the misses wit jus one of my kisses


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Lil Rob texty

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