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[Lil Rob:]

[Verse: Lil Rob {Sample}]
I'm growin' plants up in my front yard
So it's really not hard (Yeah)
For me to get my hands on some
Really killer {"Weed"} (Smokin' all the marijuana)
I get real high off my own supply (Yeah)
But I won't stop until I die
Until I make my tonsils bleed
I smoke joints, I'll smoke a blunt if it's there
Out the bong, I don't care
As long as I'm smokin' {"Weed"} (Shit, I don't care)
My eyes are bloodshot
I'm fucked up, but what not
You can call it what you want to
I call it really good {"Weed"} (That's right)
Whenever we roll it up (Roll it up)
Hey, homie, we smoke it up (Smoke it up)
We're gettin' high, smokin'
All my {"Weed"}
I love the yerba (I love my yerba)
I love the mota (I love the mota)
I love my marijuana (Yeah)
I love my {"Weed"} (Uh huh)
I like it vaporized (Uh)
I like it in the pipa (Yeah)
My whole fuckin' clicka
Like smokin' {"Weed"} (Uh huh)
So pass me the leno
I'll take it to the mental
Fuck up an instrumental
Passin' 'round some {"Weed"}

[Nasty {Sample}:]
I got four pounds of purple (Purple)
Got six pounds of swag (Swag)
It don't matter what you call it
Cause we all call it {"Weed"}
From Sante Fe to the border
Hell yeah, I take orders (Hey)
If you need it, just call me, I got that {"Weed"}
Sit back and take a puff
Drink-sippers, grab your cups
Roll a leno or a blunt
Bluff and pass the {"Weed"}
It's just these good times
House parties with hood rhymes
We chokin' til the sun shines
Man, I love that {"Weed"}
If you ain't smoking, dawg
You must be choking, dawg
Trust me, homie, listen to me
Please, hit the {"Weed"}
Hit it
Look, I stay high
Chinky eyed with red eyes
Soon as a day go by, without gettin' high
We even, we can bake with {"Weed"}

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