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It's Lil Rob (Lil Rob...)
Bionic (bionic...)

That's Right...

She wants to live the Fast life (Fast life)
Fast life (Fast life)

Ohh... Na Na Na

She wants to live the Fast life (Fast life)
Fast life (Fast life)
Oh. oh. oh...

She sees the grass is greener
More green comes between her fingers
She love to spend it crazy
Have you seen Britney latley
Shes livein fast homes shes got that cash flow she likes to party and shes never goin back homes shes only good one but shes liven the life the one shes always wanted some say shes ain't liven it right she could be something better nothing better than this expensive cars all kinds of stars is just to many to list check this she keeps it popin out there ain't no stoppin now addicted to the life get it faster every night shes doing way more things beyond her wildess dreams she plans to make it last continue liven fast

She wants to live the Fast life (Fast life)
Fast life (Fast life)
While you try to make a name
Got in trouble with the game
You live the Fast life (Fast Life)
The Fast life (Fast Life)
Don't let the money do you in
Like a candle in the wind
You like the Fast life (Fast life)
The Fast life (Fast life
If you want it yea you got it
And there ain't no gettin mad
It's called the Fast life (Fast life)
The Fast life (Fast life)
Fast life (Fast Life)

Oh... Na Na Na

Good times across the line more then just a couple time she can do this everyday line one up and blast away she movin so fast shes makin more cash shes goin full speed ahead and I'm hopen that she don't crash why slow it down when the life is fun no time to sneek it all you sleep when your life is gone that's what she thinks she said that the life is just begun to mind your own cause shes full grown and rosy and the gun

Shes been liven in the fast lane
She got introduced to cocaine
Since then nothings been the same
Shes still liven in the fast lane

Oh. oh . oh...

Slow down girl

Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidal Moonblade

Twelve Eighteen: Part II

Lil Rob texty

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